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  • From Rwanda – Our Process

    April 18 2019 – Bold Commerce Collaborator

    From Rwanda – Our Process

    You can learn a lot about a coffee company by looking at the journey its beans take from the field to the filter. Each part is integral to the process, with the potential for making a difference – both to those who are involved in the production and the coffee lovers at the end of the line. That’s something we...

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  • Why Sustainability Matters in Coffee

    March 20 2019 – Bold Commerce Collaborator

    Why Sustainability Matters in Coffee

      There’s power in your cup – and it’s not just the caffeine. Your daily brew can contribute to sustainability in the world coffee industry and the societies it fuels. Not all coffee is equally enjoyable, neither is it equally sustainable. In a really great cup of joe, however, you’ll find both of these characteristics.     People who appreciate coffee...

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  • What is Specialty Coffee?

    March 07 2019 – Bold Commerce Collaborator

    What is Specialty Coffee?

      From the corners of Vietnam to the shores of New York City, coffee is one of the most widely spread and loved beverages. Whether you’re a fan of a dark, strong espresso shot or a milky latte with plenty of foam, you are part of a longstanding history of bean and brew.    But if you’re wondering why some...

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  • From Rwanda – Our History

    February 28 2019 – Tian Nel

    From Rwanda – Our History

    The 1994 genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda will always remain a dark and desperate time in the country’s history. Since then Rwanda has made rapid progress. Survivors and their communities have rebuilt their lives and many are looking to a future built on agriculture that goes back further in history than the genocide. Coffee. And not just any coffee,...

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